AJKPGEA holds meet in Jammu


Appeals CM, other Ministers to fulfil their demands

Srinagar, Jul 16: All J&K Post Graduate Engineers Association (AJKPGEA) on Sunday held a meeting at PWD Complex Jammu.
The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Muzamil Ahmad Rafiqi, President of the association.
The instant meeting was conducted in continuation to the meetings previously held so as to ascertain the level of progress achieved in context of fulfilling the underlying objectives of the association.
During the deliberations, the emphasis was laid on quality improvements and up scaling of professional competencies of the engineering departments in the state.
It was felt that, for keeping pace with the economic development of the other states in the country revolutionary measures have to be introduced and quality parameters up scaled so that the state does not lag behind in any sphere of development due to massive expansion of programs with emphasis on quality speed and aesthetic development, sea changes have to be brought in the whole engineering set up.
Presently, the J&K State is charged with the implementation of projects on behalf of international monetary Fund, ADB and other national and international level organizations, the various milestones about transparency, conceptual clarity, project preparations and implementation of projects consistent with laid down parameters has to be in the fore front of the state, in case real progress will have to be achieved where the state stands shoulder with shoulder with other states and is receptive to the schemes introduced by the central government from time to time.
It has been viewed in the meeting that the projects generally run behind the schedule and quality compromises are also made in view of less emphasis on the professional aspects of the service.
The engineering departments that were initially conceived had to address limited goals and objectives but with the expansion and diversification of the programmes, the system have not been correspondingly upgraded by which the state lags behind in the field of development, resulting in cost over runs, delays and above all decline in the quality standard for matching up to the milestones laid down by Government of India and other financial institutions.
The “Post Graduate Engineers Association” has been constituted in this background, so that the J&K state delivers on the promises and development and the professional aspects are dully addressed.
The association in the present meeting resolved that:-
The association will keep all the members in the four front and burn mid night oil so that the system in the J&K state is geared up consistent with the public expectations.
Transparency tool shall be duly emphasized and applied in right earnest so that the short falls witnessed in the implementation processes are properly cured in all the engineering departments.
With a view to strengthen the professional levels of the manpower, on job courses and off job trainings shall be emphasized, so that the drawbacks besetting the system are appropriately addressed, which will definitely fetch rich dividends to the state government and to the public at large.
The association further emphasizes the need for probity and honesty in the public life for fulfilling the underlying commitments incorporated in the concept of the civil service with a lot of hard work has to go into the system for giving a new shape and direction to the engineering departments of the state.
The association further resolves that it will relentlessly strive to ensure that a genuine debate and discussion is generated in the society so that the old and outdated technology in vogue coupled with routine administrative procedures are done away with and a scientific awakening created where we live for not ourselves alone but as the most useful tool and instrument of social change and transformation.
The association further resolves that an endure shall be made and state government also shall be prevailed upon for giving adequate consideration to the higher qualifications and regular training inputs and exposures within and outside country so that the talent that is yielded brings forth a capable fraternity of engineers which not only match up to the national standards but can stand the scrutiny of the international standards on the laid down engineering parameters. The fraternity feels that the state government has been banking on private consultants for implementations of various projects who are usually out of tone with the executing agencies by virtue of which the desired objectives are not been fulfilled and the state has to bear abnormal costs worth crores of rupees which take the toll on various projects being implemented in the state. These private consultancy services further have not brought forth any tangible results which could be put out for social auditing. In this backdrop the association feels that if the community of “Post Graduate Engineers” available in State Government engineering departments are utilized to their potential and necessary exposure given to them along with specific responsibility, these engineers can turn out to be the most valued substitutes for the existing system. This shall of course result in massive savings for the state Government which is otherwise unnecessarily being spent on private consultants.
The “Post Graduate Engineers” Association have been striving for quite long for being given an appropriate placement in the hierarchy, but have not so far received any patronage and support which would be quite beneficial ultimately for the development of the state.
The association therefore requested the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, the Deputy Chief Minister, Nirmal Singh, Minister for Works (R&B) Naeem Akhter and Minister for PHE, I&FC Sham Lal Chowdhary for according due consideration to the reasonable demands hither to fore made for creating an appropriate space for post graduate engineers for overall betterment of the state. (KNS)